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capitu's Harry/Draco recs
4th-Aug-2012 06:23 pm - [sticky post] Harry/Draco Fanfiction Recs Archive

Hogwarts Era, 8th Year, War Time, Post Hogwarts (EwE & Epilogue Compliant), Post Hogwarts EWE, Post Hogwarts Epilogue Compliant.

G & PG, PG-13, R, NC-17.

Auror, Unspeakable, Other Ministry Job, Healer, Teacher, Unusual Careers, Working with Potions.

Angst, Drama, Fluff, Humour, Smut (PWP), Dark Fics
Alternate Universe: AU: Magical, AU: Non Magical
Mpreg: Mpreg: Draco, Mpreg: Harry,
Magical Creature: Vampire, Veela, Werewolf, Other.

Animagus & Transformations, Bonding!Fics, Bodyguard/Charge, Caring/Nursing, Christmas, De-age, Disabilities, Dominance & Submission, Drug Use & addictions, Dub-con/Non-con, Established Relationship, First Time, Harry and/or Draco working for the other, Infidelity, Kinks: Miscellaneous (ex. Cross-dressing, bondage, dirty talk, gender-bender and other fetishes), Memory Loss, Mental Illness, Parenting, Prison/captivity, Prostitution, Quidditch, Time Travel

5,000 words or less, Between 5,000 and 10,000 words, Between 10,000 and 20,000 words, Between 20,000 and 50,000 words, Over 50,000 words

And because no romance is complete without this piece of info:

Bottom!Draco & Bottom!Harry. (Be careful because they switch! That's when a story is tagged with both b!draco and b!harry. And don't forget to check the NC-17 tag, there are a lot of stories that don't have penetrative sex but are really smutty. :D)

If you want the links without the running commentary, here you go: A slightly simpler list of Harry/Draco Recs.

If you want to check out my Themed Recs made at Tumblr you can find a list Here. (updated every weekend)

If you find a broken link or a mistake, please let me know so I can fix it. Thank you, and enjoy!

Oh, hey! I almost forgot! If you want to rec me a story that is not in the archive, by all means, please do so. I love discovering new stories. :)
11th-Jan-2018 10:06 am - If the Fates Allow by saras_girl
Christmas [H&D]
Title: If the Fates Allow or here at AO3
Author: saras_girl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 80,000 Approx.
Summary: What's that crackling in the walls? // Harry has no clue at all. // He'll eat some cake and drink some wine. // Because he is completely FINE.
--A story about life's disregard for our plans.

This is such a gorgeous story. We meet a Harry who is a bit adrift. He's not happy at work, his personal life is a bit empty, except for Ron and Hermione and their children, who Harry obviously adores, the Weasleys and of course for Draco, whom he's been in love with for ages, though Draco doesn't know. ^^

They share an office in the Ministry in the Auror Department. Draco is something like "Q". However, their boss has it in for Draco and Draco ends up being unfairly fired, which is around the time Harry also realises he's had enough of that horrible boss.

It's truly a journey to happiness, with ups and downs and a beautiful, amazing ending. :D
Christmas [H&D]
Title: The Frisky Furnishings of Malfoy Manor
Author: writcraft
Rating: R
Word Count: 19,600 Approx.
Summary: The course of true love never did run smooth. // Or: Hermione has a crafty plan, Harry and Draco are fake boyfriends and wizarding traditions have a lot to answer for. Featuring awkward dates, mince pies, a saucy sofa and a line of sequined house-elf haute couture nobody asked for but got anyway.

This fic, it's just so much fun; it's just hilarious and super entertaining and yet sweet and endearing, too.

It all begins with Harry talking to Hermione. They are trying to raise visibility of same-sex relationships. Harry's bi, you see, and even though in the wizarding world sexuality isn't a big issue, there are hardly any same-sex couples in the public eye, so Hermione tells him this idea is super. And she even suggests Harry traditionally (and publicly) courts Draco.

Also in the meantime Harry, who is a Magical Renovation Specialist – not a builder, mind you! – could help Draco with his barmy furnishing at the Manor.

Of course, when Harry goes to tell Draco this idea, Draco is certainly Not Impressed™ but eventually Harry convinces him to go with it. And it's awesome! \o/ They go on dates and there's so much banter and flirting and UST and at the same time is so sweet as they grow so fond of each other. I'm sure you're going to love it. :D Awesome fic!
Harry Orgasm
Title: You cannot save people, you can only love them
Author: amorette
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 51,500 Approx.
Summary: Upon returning for Eighth Year, there are so many strange things going on with Malfoy, Harry doesn’t know where to start. He won’t talk to Harry, but he’s talking to ghosts. He won’t apologize for his past, but the Black Family tapestry has crossed him off its tree. And the worst of it all, he still has that infuriating, snotty mouth on him that gets Harry’s dick hard as a rock drives Harry insane.

This is such a smoking hot fic! :D There's hung!Harry, which I looove. :D But there are a ton of awesome stuff going on. It start with Harry & Co returning to Hogwarts for their 8th Year, only Harry is very, very annoyed indeed because Draco has been ignoring him. He's not looking at him, he's not talking to him, and he didn't even reply the owl Harry sent along with his wand during summer. The nerve!

So that's the state of things when they are paired together for the year-long 8th Year project of re-building Hogwarts. Fun! *thumbs up!*

And that's not all, while they aren't roommates, they do share a bathroom, and of course they keep running into each other there. And of course one of those times is when Harry forgot to carry his towel to the shower. And of course he flashed Draco.

Anyway! Yeah, it's a lot of fun to see these on the verge of exploding into each other's faces, then Harry being obsessed with Draco all over again, seeing all that UST finally burst. :)
Draco [broken]
Title: You open always (petal by petal)
Author: birdsofshore
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 66,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry’s not the kind of person who pays for sex. He really isn’t. Until he is.
Content/Warning(s): rentboy!Draco, mentions of dubious consent in connection with sex work (not between H/D)

This fic is so good. God, there's so much UST between Harry and Draco and yet there so much more than that.

The story starts with Harry walking back home one night and walking by the usual place he knows rentboys stands. He's full of guilt at even doing this, you see, he's desperately trying to convince himself he's not doing anything wrong—and that's when he see Draco standing under a street lamp.

And Draco sees Harry watching. They talk briefly and though Harry follows his way home he can't stop thinking about Draco. Let me tell you, the description of Draco here is gorgeous. Soon after Harry is again walking down the street when someone calls him – he's wearing his Auror uniform – to help with this disturbance in this flat. It's Draco and he's being attacked. Harry reacts, at seeing someone touching Draco and one thing leads to another and Draco ends up staying at Grimmauld Place with Harry for the night.

Only, of course, of course it's not just something simple. For starters Harry is going crazy with want, and god, Draco does not make it easy for Harry, and then Grimmauld Place, which always felt unfriendly and cold towards Harry starts. . . like, feeling happy that Draco's around. ^^

But again, there's so much more than that. Harry goes from being in ~denial about his sexuality, to admitting it, to say it out loud and to act. And this journey is amazing. So is all that UST between Harry and Draco let me tell you!
Christmas [H&D]
Title: How We Throw Our Shadows Down
Author: thistle_verse
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 14,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco has finally found the perfect, rare piece to complete his collection. The only problem is that the item belongs to Harry Potter, the last wizard on earth Draco wants to ask another favor from.

This is such a lovely fic. There's a feeling of belonging and finding each other at the end that will leave you with a smile on your face.

But the whole thing starts with Draco, a serious tea cosy collector, find this very perfect one that he badly ones. And by perfect I mean an ugly thing. :D He finds it via Zabini Imports. It's something like an ebay play for wizards, and the owner of this particular unique tea cosy is one Harry Potter.

Of course, Draco doesn't want to go around asking Harry favours, especially since years ago he already asking something important and promised it was going to be the last time he asked Harry something.

Anyway, he figures he should at least try to ask about this tea cosy – he really wants it. And Harry in turn invites him to have dinner. They continue having dinner, but let me tell you, the characterisations are so, so lovely. They are in this moment when they are trying, they are healing from the war and finding each other and it's beautiful. Beyond a collection being complete and beyond dinners, Harry and Draco see each other. It's wonderful. :)
Harry/Draco pillow fight
Title: The Sleeping Beauty Curse
Author: who_la_hoop
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 153,000 Approx.
Summary: When Draco Malfoy falls into a cursed sleep and can only be woken – at least, according to the Daily Prophet, that impeccable source of truth – by ‘true love’s kiss’, Harry Potter knows there’s no way on earth he’s the answer to this particular riddle. Is he . . .?
Content/Warning(s): bonding!fic

This fic is amazing! As the title and summary tells you, Draco has been cursed to sleep until – according to the Daily Prophet – his one true love kisses him awake.

The problem is that it's six weeks and counting and Draco is not waken up by any kisses. And so Blaise, the Unspeakable in charge of this case, asks Harry, Ron and Hermione to kiss Draco.

Surely nothing wrong is going to happen, yeah? I mean, come on. Only, to Harry's horror, Draco totally wakes him up when he kisses. And let me tell you, his reaction is hilarious!!!!! Harry's reaction, I mean! :D

But that's not all, not only Draco woke up, in a confusing turns of events, they end up bonded. As in in the middle of a marriage bond, and they can't access their magic unless they either complete the bond (you know what that means, right?) or they are touching. YAY!

And so Harry and Draco are suddenly married and living together only they aren't really, right? It's as awesome and as fun as it sounds, trust me; watching these two try to be civil, but still bickering, seeing that UST growing, sleeping together, then sleeping together without fulfilling the bond—and well, falling in love. :D
22nd-Dec-2017 09:43 am - The Malfoy Conundrum by omi_ohmy
Harry <3 Draco
Title: The Malfoy Conundrum
Author: omi_ohmy
Rating: R
Word Count: 49,700 Approx.
Summary: Harry’s miserable living with his memories at Grimmauld Place, so after a chance meeting he takes the opportunity to move somewhere new. His housemates, though, are rather unexpected. Especially the blond, pointy one…

This is such a wonderful, gentle story. It's so touching and emotional because here we see a Harry who is not doing well, who is trying his hardest but he's simply not well, he's depressed and he doesn't know what to do. He's not happy where he's living, he's not happy at work, he's just existing, sort of drifting. But there's people who loves him and care for him, so to help him his boss tells him to take some time off, a work sabbatical and it's in this time that he randomly runs into Dudley, who has changed, who is glad to see Harry, who apologies and that's how Harry learns that Dudley is looking for someone to rent his room to while he travels. Harry who very much needed a change jumps of the chance, mindful of Dudley's roommates, Dick and Blaine. :D

Which of course turned out to be Draco and Blaise, and we learn why Draco's nick name is Dick (so very fitting, too, you'll see!) and we see these two, them three, actually, learning to live with each other, getting to know each other.

Harry and Draco pretty soon, after deciding to be civil, realise they have some things in common, they spend time together and start to understand each other. There are so many lovely interactions between them. Flirty, friendly banter, UST, but it's all so natural, and then the people around are seeing this happen, seeing them be happier than they've been in years. It's super sweet and lovely. :)
21st-Dec-2017 09:00 am - Warm Together by strawberryroseg
Harry <3 Draco
Title: Warm Together
Author: strawberryroseg
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 16,000 Approx.
Summary: Eight months in the life of Harry Potter, Professor of Defence at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as he gets to know his newest colleague and navigates his youngest son’s first year at school.
Content/Warning(s): Partly Epilogue compliant

This is such a lovely story. Harry has been the Defence Against the Dark Arts for several years but this year a new Charms Professor joins the staff: one Draco Malfoy. And it's just wonderful, let me tell you. The way Harry and Draco, older and more mature simply click and begin this friendship that turns to much more.

It's also Albus's and Scorpius's first year at Hogwarts and both Harry and Draco are nervous and excited. We learn that Draco has been something of a recluse before coming to Hogwarts, and so he fears for Scorpius, but they both find their places, find friends, a family and much more. Truly lovely, sweet and perfect for this season. :)
Title: My Name Was Safest in Your Mouth
Author: alpha_exodus
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 46,000
Summary: Harry didn’t ask for Malfoy to walk into his shop after so many years. But one event leads to another, and soon they’re scrambling to help Hermione find the solution to one of the most insidious viruses the wizarding world has ever seen. To make matters worse, Malfoy’s hiding something, and Harry really wants to kiss him—except Malfoy doesn’t date. Ever.
Content/Warning(s): Creature fic Veela, Bonding fic.

This is such an amazing fic. It's so creative! You see, it's been years since Harry and Draco have interacted. In fact, the last time was back at Hogwarts in Eighth Year when they kissed. It was—well, it was amazing, even after all these years Harry hasn't forgotten how it felt. But Draco has been avoiding him ever since.

That is until recently, when unknowingly to Draco goes into Harry's shop and, well, there's a spark. Almost literally, but the thing is, even if all those feelings that Harry had are still alive, Draco is very clear on something: he doesn't date. Harry's curious about why is it, they’ve been spending time together and Draco obviously enjoys it, too. After more ~dates~ that aren't dates, finally Draco comes clean and tells him he's part Veela, and he has a mate, but he doesn't want to be mated. Harry is. . . Harry has a lot of complicated emotions about this, but one thing he knows, he wants to be with Draco however possible, so they start this relationship, this unique relationship where they are so invested, their feelings for each other are clear and yet never taking that one step they obviously want.

As their relationship progress we learn there's a new virus targeting Purebloods, draining their magical core and one by one, people close to Harry start getting sick. But don't worry! Hermione is one of the Healers in charge.

Like I said, it's super creative and Harry and Draco's interaction are full of love and want. So good!
14th-Dec-2017 08:36 pm - Heartlines by shiftylinguini
H/D ties
Title: Heartlines
Author: shiftylinguini
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 72,200 Approx.
Summary: Harry never expected he’d end up chipping away at his virginity while wandless and bonded to Malfoy in Northern Europe. // He never expected that would turn out to be the least surprising thing to happen while out on their training expedition in the middle of nowhere, either.
Content/Warning(s): bonding!fic

This fic, oh my god, this fic! It's Harry and Draco trainee Auror partners, who just so happen to be attracted to each other, and who are about to go in an training exercise wandless and bound to each other, so you know it's going to be awesome.

But wait! There's more! The thing, just before this trip Harry and Draco had a ~moment. Okay, they went out for drinks and Harry kissed him and of course things got awkward and they had been getting along so well, you see, but now they aren't quite talking. Only obviously they have to talk in this mission, and the beautiful thing is, they actually do talk. Harry says he didn't regret kissing him and Draco said he surprised him and, well, things are a bit less tense but it's full of sexual tension. And then they share a bed AND well things get really interesting.

One of the things I loved the most is seeing Harry and Draco like this. They are honest with each other, they haven't forgotten who they are, or who they were, but they are growing, they accept the people who were, the mistakes they made and have learnt from them.

There's of course the ~issue~ of Harry's virginity which, as the summary says, he's been chipping away as the trip progress. But there's more than that, too, because this bond was a last-minute addition, and it's very suspicious of both the bond caster – a foreign specialist, and the instructor, who hates Draco and practically gave them no choice but to accept it.

It's interesting and amazing, funny and sexy, seeing them getting to know each other even better, seeing them experiment and admit their feelings and finally build something real. Most awesome.
Christmas [H&D]
Title: The Light That is Blinding Me
Author: leontinabowie
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23,000 Approx.
Summary: After Flourish and Blotts stop stocking the books of Harry’s favourite author, he is directed to a queer bookshop and discovers it’s owned by none other than Draco Malfoy, who has more in common with Harry than either of them realise.
Content/Warning(s): Brief scene of homophobia, depictions of anxiety and panic attacks

This is such a lovely fic. After Harry finds out that Flourish and Blotts is not selling queer books Luna suggests Harry to try a new one in York, Rainbow Reads, and of course once he goes there, Draco is the shop owner.

It's so lovely because they bond over their love for a certain author and they start to get to know each other, Harry spending more and more time in York, which does Harry so much good – he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, you see, and just, seeing their friendship and attraction turn to something more is wonderful. :)
11th-Dec-2017 04:29 pm - Blood and Fire by lq_traintracks
H/D lips
Title: Blood and Fire
Author: lq_traintracks
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 45,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry has spent the last twelve years in Romania, not returning to England as often as he knows he should. It's complicated. But when Ginny asks him to be her best man and help her plan her wedding, he can't say no. Having a reckoning with his choices, with himself, won't be easy. To say nothing of seeing Draco again.

This is such a gorgeous story. It's incredible! As the summary says, after twelve years of living in Romania Harry's returning to be Ginny's best man. He's obviously done well in Romania, he's had a great life, he loves his dragons. We learn through the story that he left England because he wasn't ready, you know? However, we also learn that all those years ago Harry and Draco had something – it was, you can say it was of sexual nature, but only it was obviously a lot more than that to both of them. You have to imagine that, remember how young they were back then, and Harry wasn't ready to stay, he was trying to find himself.

Now, seeing Draco after all those years, he feels everything he left behind, and he gets to know the man Draco's become, and he wants, he wants him so badly it hurts, it hurts both of them. They can't help it, they can't keep their hands off each other, but still, there are all these things unsaid and unfinished, and there's Harry that isn't sure if he's staying or coming back.

At least he thinks he doesn't know, only he totally does (OH MY GOD) and I just don't want to say anything else because you have to live this fic. These characters are so amazing and so rich. They laugh and cry and hurt and fuck and are beautiful in their complexity. Just, like, read it, you'll love it!
10th-Dec-2017 09:14 am - Changing Tides by carpemermaid
H/D ties
Title: Changing Tides
Author: carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 110,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco has spent half of his life spouting the things his father has taught him without much thought about how he feels about what he says. When he unexpectedly comes face to face with the Dark Lord, he grapples with the harsh realities of the world and struggles with his changing views on life. Instead of doing what’s expected of him fifth year, he joins Dumbledore’s Army and learns how to defend himself, how to make his own choices, and how he can be something greater than his father’s example as he grows into his own man rather than his father’s shadow. The choices he makes change both his and Harry’s fates, intertwining their paths until they converge.
Content/Warning(s): Elements of Magical AU/Canon divergence (5th year AU).

This is such a beautiful, complex story. It's slightly AU, in which, as the summary says, Draco joins Dumbledore's Army to learn to defend himself, and this decision changed Draco's life so much, and that's one of the many awesome things about this story. It shows us exactly how. We see Draco in Fifth Year, learning these spells, watching Harry, seeing a different side of him, interacting and while not everything is completely different, enough it is that Harry and Draco had the foundation for an amazing friendship that they cultivate way after the war.

We see Draco seeing Harry being so happy in the DA, sees him again at his best when he encourages Harry to reform the DA again and more than that for it to become a club where students can practice and learn.

Then they join the Auror academy and ultimate become partners, but through all these there's this amazing friendship and chemistry—something that had started back in Hogwarts grow.

And we see both POVs, too! Harry, through the story see him grow and learn more about his heritage, discover it, sort of, and feel like he belongs, learning costumes and sharing them with his friends, with Draco. It's a journey, from them being young and living through so much to finding each other and happiness. Amazing!
Christmas [H&D]
Title: The Two Days That Changed His Life
Author: themightyflynn
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco believes he is happy with his current arrangement with Harry. A conversation with Pansy and Harry being injured force him to re-evaluate that belief, however.

This is such a sweet, lovely fic. Harry and Draco have been seeing each other for a few months in secret. It's been mostly a physical relationship, you see. But this one day, the day the Prophet published an article about Harry and Draco being seen together, is when Draco finally admits to himself (and Pansy, who is ~super surprised~ with this new development, and by surprise I mean she totally knew ^^) that what he feels for Harry goes deeper than just this sort of friends with benefits arrangement.

However, once Draco's determined to talk to Harry, Harry and many ministry Aurors fall mysteriously ill. But don't worry, everything turns out well. :D
7th-Dec-2017 05:06 pm - Like Clockwork by agentmoppet
H/D lips
Title: Like Clockwork
Author: agentmoppet
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 40,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco has never been very good at trusting others, and Potter is no exception. But if they're going to survive this, they need to accept that they're holding each other's lives in their hands, and--worst of all--they're going to have to work together.
Content/Warning(s): a bit of drinking as a coping mechanism, memory loss

This story is just so cool! It's case!fic with Unspeakable Harry Potter working with Curse Breaker Draco Malfoy. :D

The whole thing starts when a package is delivered to Weasley's Wizard Wheeze and as it explodes it hits Ron, putting him into a coma. Draco, who happened to be there (though, granted, he was there to spy on Harry ^^) and is the best Curse Breaker agrees to take the case, and Harry's going to help him.

It's super interesting, because to work on this spell they sort of have to go into the spell, which manifests as a small room, much like the inside of a clock, actually. The catch is that when they come back from that place, that room, they won't be able to remember anything that happened in there once they are back to the real world. But if they go back to that room, they will remember everything that happened both in their previous visit and the outside world.

And of course Harry and Draco get along in that room/spell, and of course once they are outside they don't and everything is difficult. It's awesome, this contrast, but also the way how even though they apparently don't like each other in the real world, they trust each other to be safe in that place, and together work to solve this mystery. Pretty awesome, I'm telling you. :D
6th-Dec-2017 09:20 am - For The Greater Good by jadepresley
Harry <3 Draco
Title: For The Greater Good
Author: jadepresley
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 62,000 Approx.
Summary: When Harry and Draco discover they’ve been bonded to one another, neither one of them is prepared for the secrets they begin to uncover. // They learn that they can’t escape their past, or the things that have been left hidden there, and that sometimes the only way to move forward is to look back.
Content/Warning(s): bonding!fic

bonding!Fic is awesome! This fic starts just as Harry and his unlikely Auror Partner one Blaise Zabini are sent in a very, very boring mission to monitor an old Muggle building, but the thing, just as Harry is there, out of the blue he feels sick and passes out.

Of course nothing is just simple when it comes to Harry, is it. His Healer informs him she's found traces of a bonding spell in Harry that had been doormat all this time. The nature of the bond is a mystery, but pretty soon we learn that, yes, Harry is bound to Draco, as soon as Blaise mentions Draco Harry feels the urge to go to him.

Eventually they discover they've started to share dreams, only to realise they aren't dreams, they are remembering things. . . It's a mystery to solve, all the time Harry and Draco can't be apart, and of course neither make it easy for the other, at the beginning, but soon they see each other under a different light as they try to unravel how they got bonded all those years ago, and what the dreams of them interacting at Hogwarts mean. Super cool fic, beautiful trio dynamic and rich characterisations. :)
4th-Dec-2017 04:09 pm - No One But You by ustorycollector
Christmas [H&D]
Title: No One But You
Author: ustorycollector
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,000
Summary: Harry and Draco are friends. More than friends. Close friends. Which might be a little annoying for... well, everyone else around them.

This fic is such a darling of a story. Like, seriously. There's Harry who is a Quidditch player and there's Draco who is his [unofficial] Healer. And they are really good friends and they are also like, dating AF only neither of them realises even though everybody knows, you know? :)

Yeah, oblivious boys being absolutely cute and a bit flirty, plus, there's some smoking hot smut, too! \o/ Awesome! Trust me, it's going to leave you with a big smile on your face. ^^
Title: The Claiming of Grimmauld Place
Author: bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 74,200 Approx.
Summary: When Grimmauld Place begins fighting against Harry’s ownership of it, he decides he needs help to train the historic home — but little does he expect that it’ll be Malfoy who’s most suitable for the challenge. However, as Malfoy and Harry get closer, Harry comes to understand that expectations aren’t always the best path by which to guide his heart — and in the process learns just what is needed to make a house a home.

This story is gorgeous! It's got one of my favourite tropes: Harry/Draco housemates! :) As the summary says, Grimmauld Place has been fighting Harry, it's not letting him into some rooms (oh god, the bathroom among other places) so Harry's looking for a housemate who has experience in generational wizarding homes. Enters Draco Malfoy (after a few other interviews that were hilarious btw), who is, of course, a perfect candidate.

And that's how Harry and Draco (and Draco's improbable exotic pet!!!) start living together. At first the house starts behaving just with Draco's presence but the problem is, the problem for Harry is that Draco's never around, you know? Where does he go? ;) So he demands that Draco starts giving him lessons in how to grace himself to his house. Naturally sparks start to fly, but it's a bit complicated because they are living together, though that doesn't quite stop them, but then Draco's not ready to have the sort of relationship Harry wants to have—and there's the mystery of where Draco spends all his time when he's not in the house.

There are so many beautiful interactions, the characterisations are awesome, Ron is fantastic, but there's also Luna and Ginny and Pansy and Hermione and Gregg, the exotic pets I mentioned, Harry and Draco's growing feelings for each other, Grimmauld Place slowly accepting Harry, it's an incredible story! :)
1st-Dec-2017 03:14 pm - dirtynumbangelboy by magpie_fngrl
Title: dirtynumbangelboy
Author: magpie_fngrl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 39,400
Summary: After Harry’s unfortunate encounter with his ex, Draco Malfoy makes him a proposition. Draco wants his parents to stop matchmaking him, Harry wants to make his ex jealous. All they need to do is simply pretend they’re in love. Problem is… Draco already is.

Oh my god, this story is so gorgeous! There's sooo much pining! \o/ But that comes later on, the story actually starts when Astoria ~dumps~ Draco. They've been pretending they are a couple to placate their parents, though both very much gay, and Astoria is ready to – not just come out, but find someone.

Which leaves Draco at the mercy of Narcissa and Lucius who continuously try to match him with proper prospects, I suppose. ^^

Enters Harry, who is coming out of a long-term relationship, not completely over his ex and, well, they think this mutually beneficial arrangement is a great idea: Harry doesn't look as if he's still pining for his ex and Draco's parents leave him a lot. They only have to pretend to be in love. But yes, Draco already is. And he pines so beautifully let me tell you. Because, he's got this image, this ~bad boy, party guy image, but as they start spending time together Harry sees a different side of him. He sees how much he's changed, his kind side, and in return Draco sees more of Harry as well. Of course, of course it's not that simple, because as they get to know each other better these feelings that they are pretending, and in Draco's case trying to repress, only grow stronger.

Seriously, seeing these two fall [harder] in love is gorgeous! They have so much chemistry, they are so good together, you'll love it! :D
H/D lips
Title: It’s Our Party and We’ll Fuck if We Want To
Author: firethesound
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,000 Approx.
Summary: It's like if a tree falls in the forest, Harry thinks. Sneaking away to blow his boyfriend in a coat closet at their own housewarming is only a bad idea if they get caught, right?

This story is so gorgeous and so much fun! It's basically Harry and Draco hosting a party, enjoying a private moment – you know what I mean!!! – and of course, never ever being able to stop the bickering. See:

Draco loses his struggle and lets loose a thoroughly inelegant snort of laughter, and something warm and fond swells up behind Harry’s ribs, squeezing his heart. It doesn’t fit any idea of romance that he’s ever had—this, here, Draco laughing while Harry’s got a finger pushed inside him, this sort of ridiculous bickering while they’re half-naked and about to have sex—but now that he’s got it, it means everything to Harry.

Truly amazing, it's a small glimpse into this amazing, brilliant, magical and crazy relationship they have. :)
6th-Nov-2017 10:52 am - Shades Of You by bloodyflammable
Title: Shades Of You
Author: bloodyflammable
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,600 Approx.
Summary: Draco certainly never intended to be a style consultant for the seriously fashion challenged, but after the war and the reparations his family had to pay, it was clear he would need to earn a living. However, if having to earn a living meant he got to admire Potter’s arse and shoulders in well-fitted clothes, it wasn’t that bad. Or was it?

This is a delightful story, in which, yes, Draco is a style consultant and Harry is his most important client. But the thing is, Draco is both incredibly snarky and grumpy and completely smitten with Harry, which is just brilliant when it comes to actually dealing with Harry in such, erm, close quarters, sort of speak.

Harry is super charming here, too! And I swear, the whole story is a darling. Will leave you with a big smile on your face, promise! :D

The oddest thing happened to me with this rec. I posted at tumblr, I listed as posted in my spreadsheet. I added to the list of recs I keep, and yet somehow I failed to actually posted at LJ and DW and only today as I am adding the authors to my recs I realised. GOD. I'm so sorry!
Christmas [H&D]
Title: Before 10 in the morning
Author: pollyweasley
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,700 Approx.
Summary: For Harry, Sundays were always lazy days. On this one, was chilly and rainy, and he wanted to be on bed all day. And he would, if Teddy wasn’t terrified by storms.

This is such a darling of a story. Harry and Draco are married, raising Teddy together and this is one lazy Sunday morning, when it's storming and Teddy jumps into their bed because he's scared. It's adorable, everything about this story is absolutely sweet and perfect. You'll see!
26th-Oct-2017 05:34 pm - Naked by bixgirl1
H/D lips
Title: Naked
Author: bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 57,700 Approx.
Summary: Harry and Draco are sent on an undercover assignment to catch a Dark wizard — which might not be so bad if it weren't at a Muggle nudist resort. // Now Draco has to deal with a very interested Harry, temptation he's long-since learned to ignore, and threats around every corner — including the one to his heart.

Oh my god, this story is so, so good! It's amazing, really! It's not just fun, and you can imagine just how much fun it's going to be reading Harry and Draco going undercover to a Muggle nudist resort and pose as newlyweds, but it's more so because Harry and Draco have all these. . . ~vibes between them! I don't know how to describe it. They work really well together, but in the story we learn that they are incredibly attracted to each other, and they know it. In fact, they've been sort of fighting against it and now they have this assignment and—well.

One of the things that is so good about this fic is the characterisations; Harry is so charming and confident, and it's awesome, but so is Draco. And they are at this impasse, in which Harry is completely open about wanting Harry and Draco is completely open about trying to resist him. \o/

And then there's the plot, which is super intriguing and gripping and it seems they are spies and conspiracies everywhere. It's super exciting seeing them work together and at the same time work out their feelings for each other. Yeah, pretty damn brilliant. :)
Harry/Draco eyes
Title: Phoenix Repair Services
Author: carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,500
Summary: Phoenix Repair Services — We’ll bring it back to life as if it was new! Draco hires a suspiciously private wizarding handyman to fix his kitchen when he returns home to find it destroyed. He expects a middle-aged wizard with greying hair and a pudgy gut to show up. Instead, he gets Harry Potter—with a utility belt and a charming smile—who is more attractive than he has any right to be.

Well, this is such a cool fic. It's Handyman!Harry for your pleasure. And for Draco's, too, obviously. ^^

So the fic starts when Draco arrives after a rather terrible day, ready to relax with some wine to find his kitchen, (newly remodelled, too!) basically destroyed. After cleaning up as best he could, he decides to Floo Pansy and ask her about her repair people who fixed her bathroom extension and yes, Pansy knows someone all right. :D

So the next day Draco's confronted with - and I quote: Harry Potter standing on his doorstep with an honest-to-Merlin utility belt clipped around his hips. And you know it's only going to get better. There's flirting, there's Harry in dungarees (getting wet, because of course, oh my god), there are extra works for Harry coming up (at Draco's, naturally) and so much more (hung!Harry!). It's super fun and sexy, goes without saying. :D
Harry/d flirt
Title: Nearly Lost Things, Carefully Tended
Author: squadofcats
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 46,600 Approx.
Summary: Three years after the war, Harry is lost, drifting, and feeling left behind. In an effort to get control of his life, he commits to cleaning out Grimmauld Place top-to-bottom and forcing it to be a home, whether it likes it or not. The rotten old house is stuffed full of antiques, and Harry is shocked to discover none other than Draco Malfoy running the local antique shop. Malfoy is polite -- too polite, and Harry soon finds himself with a mission: to annoy and bother Malfoy with the most hideous, absurd antiques he can find. But along the way, Harry comes to appreciate Draco, his work, and the power of connecting to the people who came before him. It's a hard lesson, but Harry learns that if he wants to build a future, he has to reconnect to his past, and Draco might just be the one to help him do it.

This story is just so cool! :D It's like the summary says, after traveling for a couple of years, Harry is back in London, he's decided to clean up Grimmauld Place. Ron suggested he goes to this antique expert to help him figure out what's rubbish and what's, you know, valuable. And on that note, Ron is completely awesome in this fic! But then, so is Ginny, and Luna, and Hermione, and of course Harry and Draco themselves are as well!

But as I was saying, Harry goes to the suggested antique shop and, surprise, surprise, the owner and antique expert is Draco. Only Draco is different. He's just so damn polite. It really bothers Harry, this polite ~indifference. Yeah, he's not going to take that. So he makes it a mission to rile Draco up, thing which he's an expert on, and starts bringing all sorts of antiques – ugly, weird, crazy stuff (there's a dildo and a cat – seriously, all sorts of crap), to get a reaction out of Draco.

Only eventually he realises he has a crush on Draco. And by "he realises" I mean his friends have an intervention. And now, well, now his mission is woo Draco.

It's super cool and fun, but it's also touching, because Harry's not just renovating Grimmauld Place, which he hates, he's looking for a home, he's looking for a place to call his, he feels alone and adrift, and is desperately looking to make new roots. Wonderful all around, really. :)
Title: Of Matchmaking Owls & Second Chances
Author: xerised
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11,200
Summary: It's just Draco's luck to own an owl that's in love with Potter's owl treats. When Potter invites Draco's owl to be a taste-tester, Draco accepts. For the sake of his beloved owl, of course, not to rekindle that spark of attraction during their eighth year. Or because of how bloody fit Potter is.

This story is so lovely. Draco and Draco's owl are one of Speccy's Owl Treats best costumers (the c's on Speccy's are styled as round glasses and everything!). And so the owner, the creator of these treats, invited them to a private testing of new flavours. The owl – Humphrey is most insistent they go (you know how owls can get LOL) and so Draco going to this tasting only to discover the owl treat manufacturer is Harry. Of course it's Harry.

And wow, Harry is hot! But you see, Harry and Draco had a bit of a history back in 8th year, they formed a friendship, and now, after a couple of years of not seeing each other, maybe they are reading to pick up where they left off. :) Also, Hedwig lives in this fic! \o/
draco - at spinner's end
Title: In the Shadow of Your Heart
Author: lq_traintracks
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 52,000 Approx.
Summary: And thus began the very strange circumstance of their fake dating in public and real fucking in absolute secret. It was, with no comparison, the weirdest relationship Draco had ever been in – which was to say, it wasn't one.

This story is simply gorgeous. It's a fake relationship fic but only it's a little different. The thing is, Draco and Harry come to an arrangement to pretend they are dating, but only after a bit they start fucking, but that's in private, you see. So they are pretending to date to the rest of the world, but are sort of together in private. :D

Of course, it's supposed to be a friends with benefit kind of arrangement, too, but as proven earlier, nothing is simple when it comes to these two. They are brilliant together, they have an incredible connection and chemistry, yet they have troubles communicating, actually telling each other what they are feeling.

And it's gorgeous, because Draco goes through this whole transformation, from someone trying to hide to someone ready to be happy, makes friends in the way that he didn't expect (trust me, Ron is amazing here!) and with a bit of a nudge he just might get everything he wanted.

It's really a journey, and it's beautiful. :)
4th-Oct-2017 05:46 pm - Embers by shiftylinguini
H/D lips
Title: Embers
Author: shiftylinguini
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 41,200 Approx.
Summary: Werewolf Alphas aren't meant to be alone, or to suppress their ruts indefinitely like Draco has been since he was bitten eight years ago. He needs company, companionship, to knot ― he needs an Omega Heat Companion. At least, that’s what the Healers say, and even Draco can admit contacting the person they’ve referred him to might be nice. //Of course it turns out to be bloody Potter.
Content/Warning(s): A/B/O Dynamics, Alpha Draco Malfoy, Omega Harry Potter, Werewolves, heat cycles, knotting (there's more at the post and all so very yummy, too!)

If you like ABO stories you're in for a treat with this fic. And you know, even if you don't you should totally read this fic because it's fantastic.

It's from Draco's POV, and it's start with him, already being turned a werewolf for almost eight years, goes to see a Healer (Pansy insisted!) because he's been having these fainting spells, but the Healer refers him to a Mind Healer, since there's nothing physically wrong with him.

The Mind Healer pretty quickly figures out the problem: he's been taking heat suppressants and bearing his heats alone for too long, and each heat leaves him exhausted. It's taken his toll on him. The Mind Healer suggests him then a Heat Companion. Someone to helps him through his heat without the suppressants.

Of course, as the summary says, it turns it Potter. But you see, Harry is nothing like Draco imagined. Harry is open, and candid, and honest talking about all that, about his turning and him being an Omega and you know, their chemistry is insane, you can already tell.

And then there's all the sex, which is smoking hot, and intense. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. :D
3rd-Oct-2017 09:58 am - Dating for Dads in Denial by aibidil
Harry/Draco under the rain <3
Title: Dating for Dads in Denial
Author: aibidil
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 25,100
Summary: In which one wizard designs and another reluctantly patronises a magical matchmaking service, amidst the chaos of children and parenting.

This fic is delightful! Draco starts a dating service. :D Not just any dating service, an incredibly reliable and successful dating service, and Harry, recently divorced, after plenty of nudging from Hermione and co decides to try it (with less success than advertised, but you'll see why!).

But it's more than that because we get to see lovely family dynamics. Harry is a stay at home dad and his children are adorable, it's fun and crazy and chaotic seeing them all interact. Draco, also a single parent, has only Scorpius, and has also moved into Harry's neighbourhood, their kids get along and so they start to see more and more of each other. It's really lovely, guarantee to make you smile. :)
30th-Sep-2017 08:30 am - Shining, Like A Present by bixgirl1
H/D ties
Title: Shining, Like A Present
Author: bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,500
Summary: The discovery of a small silver box at the site of a case opens up new possibilities.
Content/Warning(s): Dom/sub themes

This is such an exquisite story. I'm not even kidding. It starts, as the summary says, with Harry and Draco, Auror partners, discovering a small silver box in one of their cases.

This box contains, well, it contains a very unexpected object inside, it's of a sexual nature (oh god, is it ever!). But more so, they keep finding these boxes in their cases, each with a more intriguing (and tempting!) object inside, and what's truly beautiful is the way Draco reacts to these boxes and what they contain. Like this, Harry and Draco are beginning to see each other in a new light.

I think I'm making a mess of this rec, I'm telling you, this fic is amazing and sexy, you'll love it!
Title: It's Joggers Season (or so the Muggles say)
Author: carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,100 Approx.
Summary: Everything about Draco’s life since May has been one bloody long exercise in subverting everything he’s known, that’s expected of him, in an effort to get as far away from the mistakes he’s made—the wrong choices he was forced into. He’s returned to Hogwarts to take his N.E.W.T.s and everything is different—namely, Harry Potter strutting around in clingy joggers that Draco can’t get off his mind.

OMG, this story is so amazing! And hot, and so much fun. It's starts with basically Draco losing his mind this one night when Harry comes down to the common room wearing only joggers. God, the image that paints is so smoking hot! \o/

Potter doesn’t even have a shirt on. Miles of his golden, tawny skin and sparse, wiry chest hair are blatantly on display for Draco’s perusal. Draco follows the trail of hair from Potter’s flat stomach down to the drooping waistline of the soft trousers hanging low on his hips, looking for all the world as if one strong gust of wind would drop them to the ground.

And from then on it only gets better because there's pining, and there's tutoring and there's Quidditch and all the feels and, and and! All the while Harry's wearing those joggers that drive Draco crazy. Brilliant!
23rd-Aug-2017 10:42 am - Étoile des Neiges by bloodyflammable
Title: Étoile des Neiges
Author: bloodyflammable
Rating: R
Word Count: 32,500 Approx.
Summary: Potter was leaning against the doorframe, feet bare, jeans low on his hips, ear pierced, nose red from the cold.
He was smirking as if the sole purpose of his existence was to drive Draco crazy.
// In which the eighth years spend the holidays in a French ski resort and Draco comes to terms with his feelings.

This story is just soooo cute. I'm telling you, having the 8th years taking a ~Muggle~ Holiday was the best idea ever. \o/

The story starts when the whole group goes skiing and Harry and Draco end up alone during the first activity and apparently Harry's behind is very distracting for Draco. *nods* There's plenty of flirting and UST, board games, dares. . . Draco with a man bun (omg!) and—well, having all that UST eventually resolved. ;) Very fluffy, and lots of fun! :)
H/D lips
Title: Strangers in a Dark Room
Author: shiftylinguini
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,100 Approx.
Summary: Harry clenches his jaw, sets the files down on the desk between them. “Remind me what you were picked up for again?” he asks pointedly, hands resting over the smooth paper.

“Oh,” Draco shakes his head dismissively, “who can remember. Loitering, was it?”

“Soliciting, Malfoy!”
Content/Warning(s): Rentboy, RPG

Oh god, such a smoking hot little story RIGHT HERE. It's Draco, well, check the summary. Yeah, it's Draco caught soliciting, and not for the first time! He's also been ~apprehended~ for Lewd and lascivious behaviour, possession of illegal narcotics, public indecency. Yeah. And Auror Potter is going to put a stop to the behaviour! It's brilliant! \o/
H/D ties
Title: Potter's Insatiable Cock
Author: faviconFleetofShippyShips
Rating: NC-18
Word Count: 20,200 Approx.
Summary: Potter comes out, and starts frequenting gay wizarding clubs. Only, he can't seem to find anyone to hold his interest, much to Draco's ongoing amusement, until one night, things become clearer, and he has a proposition for Draco. // Basically: Harry Potter is a virgin, and he wants Draco to rid him of his virginity.

Basically: Harry Potter is a virgin, and he wants Draco to rid him of his virginity. <----- THIS! :D

Basically Draco's tired to see Harry trying to ~score~ at the local gay bar and, well, they both think it's a great idea that Draco be Harry's first since they don't like each other and then Draco's not going to be fawning all over Harry, which Harry hates – erm, the fawning, not Draco. ;) And Draco finds the idea of being Harry's first Most Alluring.

Of course, having sex with Harry turns nothing at all like Draco expected. It's much better, or worse, depending. Super fun, and sexy. :D
1st-Aug-2017 04:46 pm - Divination For Dickheads by Seefin
Title: Divination For Dickheads
Author: faviconSeefin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6,900 Approx.
Summary: It doesn't actually turn out to be the worst birthday present he's ever been given.

This fic is adorable! There's Seer!Draco here!

It starts with it being Harry's birthday and Ginny's gift to Harry is a session with Draco. Who Harry has a huge crush on. And who Harry is Very Bad at flirting with.

But it's OK because Draco seems to know something is going on. And it gets better because then Harry invites Draco to his birthday party (at an aquarium!) where a bit more of bad flirting might or might not ensue. It's really wonderful. :D
25th-Jul-2017 06:48 pm - Strange Bathfellows by bixgirl1
Title: Strange Bathfellows
Author: bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 27,700 Approx.
Summary: It started with a bath. Or a potions accident. Or maybe it started before that, but who can tell anymore. // Featuring: Uncomfortable wanking, more comfortable wanking, mutual wanking, bath sharing, inappropriate betting, secret shagging, those secrets at Hogwarts that everyone knows, and oblivious Harry who knows one thing: he's falling in love.

This story is just so cool. Just look at what it features! :D

It starts with a Potions accident. A badly-brewed Potion is spilled onto Harry and Draco's crotches (I KNOW!) and now they must follow this treatment (which includes baths) in order for their dicks not to fall off – true story! They must take this bath together for half an hour every day and then rub some lotion. It's actually rather brilliant, and every bit as much fun (and mortifying at the beginning) as you can imagine. Naturally one things leads to another and soon they come to an agreement that turns to more, at least on Harry's side. ;)
Title: choosing my confessions
Author: faviconquietregulus
Rating: R
Word Count: 38,200 Approx.
Summary: After much deliberation and several unhealthy coping methods, Harry decides to go to a Muggle mental health support group. Who else would be there but Draco Malfoy?
Content/Warning(s): Mental Health Issues, mention of past self harm

This story is such a beautiful journey. As the summary says, it starts as Harry goes for the first time to a Muggle mental health support group and in his very first visit he runs into Draco.

He promised Hermione he'd go though, because for a long, long time Harry hasn't been doing well and his friends have been worried. So he keeps going and making friends with other people in the group, and after one screaming match (according to Harry's new friend Sam, the first ever in the group – trust Harry and Draco to break that record ^^), they finally decide to be civil. They go to a pub together to celebrate Sam's birthday (who is a wonderful OC!) and, well. You know, one things leads to another and they do the deed right there and then.

And then again the following week which turns to so much more. And it's brilliant, to see them getting better together, to see them talking and arguing and moving on.

There's Ron and Hermione who are lovely, and Luna and Ginny who are also beyond awesome. It's a beautiful story.
30th-Jun-2017 10:26 am - Waiting for a Song by korlaena
Title: Waiting for a Song
Author: korlaena
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49,600 Approx.
Summary: After a couple years spent avoiding Draco in the Auror Department, Harry gets assigned to work with Draco on one of his strange cases. They investigate the mysterious disappearances of a witch and wizard, but in their search for the missing persons they find a lot more than they were looking for.

There's such a lovely development in this story. As the summary says, Harry is assigned to work with Draco in one of Draco's very strange cases. This one is about mysterious disappearances from these magical woods. At first Draco doesn't make it easy for Harry, but Harry is really going to try, he knows Draco is the expert and respects that. It also doesn't hurt that he thinks Draco is gorgeous. :D

But really, they make a great team; Draco is a bit of a workaholic and Harry makes him pace himself. We get to see Draco's Animagus form (so wonderful!), see their attraction becoming undeniable, eventually all the unresolved sexual tension coming to a head and they admit how they feel, even if Draco still has his reservations, and all through this the case that is so interesting! Really awesome stuff, I'm telling you! :D
23rd-Jun-2017 07:44 pm - You And Me by bixgirl1
draco - tie
Title: You And Me
Author: bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 28,000 Approx.
Summary: When Harry sits down with Malfoy, he's really only looking for a reprieve from the constant stares and whispers. (Mostly.) What he gets instead are a series of strange events that lead to a friendship that is something else, questions that nobody knows how to answer, and the realisation that the person that Harry doesn't know how to hate, anymore, seems to be the person who knows exactly what he needs. // A story in which everything is complicated. And yet, somehow, none of it is.
Content/Warning(s): D/s, under-negotiated kink, implied subspace, Veritaserum, life debts

This story is fantastic! If you haven't read it yet, GOoo! :D

It's an 8th Year fic, in which Harry's tired of all the attention he's been getting, plus he's been watching Draco, and in an unplanned move, this one day he goes to sit with Draco in the library.

Little by little this happens more and more often. But god, it's so much more than that. You see, there's something happening between Harry and Draco, there's this amazing sexual tension, but on top, there's the Life Debt between them and Harry's afraid that Draco is. . . receptive to his. . . advances because of the Life Debt, and they are sort of terrible to communicate properly, you see?

But still, they can't help themselves, even though their relationships is confusing and so intense, they just want each other. And god, it's just delicious. The way Draco reacts when Harry asks him to do something, the way he clearly feels when that happens and about Harry, and the way that makes Harry feel, it's so so good.

I believe I'm making a mess of this rec, but truly, you should read it now because it's fantastic and intense and super sexy. You're not going to regret it, mark my words! :D
23rd-Jun-2017 03:23 pm - The Games We Play by gracerene
Harry Orgasm
Title: The Games We Play
Author: gracerene
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,800 Approx.
Summary: A familiar case resurfaces in an unexpected way, and Harry knows exactly who's to blame.
Content/Warning(s): vigilantism, arson, glove!kink, references to breathplay, praise!kink, finger-fucking

This is a delicious fic in which, lord, in which Harry and Draco have such a fantastic and sexy dynamic, with banter and flirting and high dose of kinky, sexy sex after a bit of vigilantism. Trust me, it's so good! :D
17th-Jun-2017 10:18 am - (Un)Calculated Risk by love_glows27
Title: (Un)Calculated Risk
Author: love_glows27
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,900
Summary: He thought about the way Harry looked at him, smiled at him; about the way Draco’s head was nearly always full of him, all day every day, and about the way Draco sometimes deliberately went to bed still smelling of him, refusing to acknowledge what it meant – because he already fucking knew what it meant. What all of it meant. And then Draco decided, fuck it, he was going to risk it. They were going to risk it together, Harry and Draco.

Delicious, delicious story in which, oh my god, okay, Harry and Draco have been together in secret and obviously Harry's ready to tell the world, Draco is a bit wary and there's a hell of a lot of rimming and fucking and these two being completely in love and dorks. Seriously, this fic is going to make your day, it's hot, super sweet, smoking hot and just brilliant. <3

It comes with some gorgeous art here and here by the awesome @fae-voritensfw. Don't forget to check them out! :)
16th-Jun-2017 06:36 pm - Be Still by writcraft
draco - tie
Title: Be Still
Author: writcraft
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry’s back in England and Draco tries to fix things before he disappears again.

This is such a gorgeous story. There's something sort of peaceful about it. It's a story about Harry coming back to England, as the summary says, and pretty soon we learn Harry and Draco were together before Harry left, and now that Harry's back, Draco's going to try, to try to make things work, because they were amazing together, fighting and fucking, but this time they should also talk. It's wonderful, there's so much want.

It's a beautiful reunion of two people who obviously still have feelings for each other.
Harry &lt;3 Draco
Title: The Heart's Honest Truth
Author: bixgirl1 & carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,000
Summary: “Don’t you think I would have gone to Pomfrey if I thought she could help me?”

“Then what can I do?”

“I nee—” Malfoy broke off with a soft grunt and a pained expression. He took a shaky breath and tried again, his voice wobbling. “Will you touch me, Potter?”

Draco is cursed to speak in questions. Well...Spelled, thanks to the stupidly improper archival practices of the fourth century. Harry Potter is there to save the day, but Draco isn’t going to give in to his help so easily. Fortunately, the method of saving might be more satisfactory than Draco expected this time.

Have you read this yet? This story is completely brilliant! So there's Draco who, in an interesting turn of events (and I really don't want to say anything about that because !!!!) is spelled to speak only in questions, but there's a catch, it's only in truthful questions. And it turns out that Harry is the only person who can help him in this predicament, which does not sit well with Draco because he sort of tired of Harry always saving him.

Harry in the meantime is barely coming to terms with him being, erm, interested (for not saying obsessed with) in Draco in a slightly different way than back in Sixth Year.

So now Draco has to ask for Harry's help (who is Most Willing to Help™) and he's only able to question his way into an explanation. It's all kinds of brilliant, this fic. And smoking hot, too!
13th-Jun-2017 05:47 pm - Flutterflies by jilliancares
Title: Flutterflies
Author: faviconjilliancares
Rating: Unrated (but I'd say it's NC-17 ^^)
Word Count: 14,600 Approx.
Summary: In which Draco becomes friends with the Golden Trio in first year and seven years later is hopelessly in love with Harry.
Content/Warning(s): Magical AU

This is such a wonderful, wonderful story! :D It's an AU, in which Draco befriends the Golden Trio in first year: back when Quirrel set the troll lose he goes to warn Hermione of it but instead he ends up trapped with her in the bathroom. Then the whole, "There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them" includes him. :)

And so we see them being friendly, a bit of how they are together, their interactions but most of all we see them in 8th Year, Post War, with Draco having all these feelings for Harry, and god, their friendship, along with Ron and Hermione's is truly brilliant. Seeing him insecure about coming out, more so about ever confessing his feelings for Harry. Trust me, this story will leave you with a big smile on your face. :D
5th-Jun-2017 09:56 am - Flutter by shiftylinguini
Title: Flutter
Author: shiftylinguini
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,900
Summary: Being back at Hogwarts is not what Harry expected, and neither is what’s going on between himself and Malfoy, but it feels good, and that? Well, that’s what Harry’s chasing this year. Amid the rebuilding of the school and the budding relationships of the other students at Hogwarts in spring, Harry finds that the flutter of change and the new feelings it brings are exactly what he wants ― and more.

This fic is just adorable! I mean, it's intense and wonderful. And it starts as Harry waits for Draco under the Invisibility Cloak in the Library, but as he does he remembers how this whole thing with Draco started and you can tell it means more than they are ready to admit, but maybe they are ready?

It's also super hot, it has this great mood of anticipation and excitement. It's completely lovely all around.
2nd-Jun-2017 07:02 pm - Heat of the Heart by carpemermaid
draco - tie
Title: Heat of the Heart
Author: carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,400 Approx.
Summary: Draco was recently bitten by a werewolf in the line of duty as an Auror. He'd been dealing with it as best he could, but then his first heat came on hot and fast in the middle of filling out reports with his Auror partner, Harry Potter. Luckily for him, Potter has a knack for saving his arse.
Content/Warning(s): mild dub-con, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, Omega Draco, Alpha Harry, mating/cycles in heat

If you read the summary you have a pretty good idea what this story is about. But good god, there's so much more. It's the way the author describes how Draco's feeling, the way he can feel Harry's scent, the way there's this need that needs to be filled and Harry is so earnest wanting to assist Draco before knowing what happening.

And god, once he does know – well, things get so much better. It's intense and hot and delicious and you shouldn't miss it.
H/D lips
Title: The Man In The Scarlet Cloak
Author: bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,300 Approx.
Summary: There's usually a better time and place to participate in seduction than the Forbidden Forest. Unless, of course, it's Mating Season. // In which Draco is sneaky but not sneaky enough, Harry is confident but goes a bit mad, and the Trees are either incredibly romantic or just sort of perverts.
Content/Warning(s): Face-fucking, hung!Harry, rimming

This is an absolutely delicious story, a very loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and let me tell you, at one point Harry's wearing his red clock and carrying a basket (later with flowers) and it's basically the best thing ever. It'll all make sense, I promise! :D

It starts with Draco being in the forbidden forest, picking up Potions ingredients (he's doing his Potions fellowship at Hogwarts) and in comes Harry in search of some magic flowers. Of course Draco is also very interested in these magic flowers Harry's after. And that they are both super attracted to each other, well, that helps, too. Helps a lot, actually, so much UST!

Then – god, you should just read it because then Draco's obviously hiding something and obviously Harry's got to see what it is and then there's hung!Harry and Draco gets sneezed on by a flower and goes mad with lust and – yeah, it's crazy and amazing. :D
30th-May-2017 08:56 am - Home County by Seefin
Title: Home County
Author: faviconSeefin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 10,700 Approx.
Summary: Harry is an architect and the reluctant part-owner of his own firm. Malfoy works at The Ministry but doesn’t actually have a proper job title even though what he does sounds as though it’s pretty important. It would probably be harder not to become friends, when they have to sit through endless, dull meetings with each other, and skirt around some truly terrible weather, and deal with Harry’s irrational hatred of his assistant, and build thirty whole houses from the ground up in a wet field outside of London.

This fic is just delightful. :) As the summary says, Harry's an architect and Draco works for the Ministry, and the ministry wants Harry & Co (who is basically Cho and another Harry who is Harry's assistant, LOL) to built an entire complex, which they do, only that involves a lot of Draco hanging around Harry's office and Draco being cute and Harry and being smitten with Draco and Draco with Harry. *nods* Delightful, I'm telling you. :D
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